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Property Inspection

NYC Office Cleaning

Timely and accurate reporting of the condition and occupancy status of a property.

  • Exterior Inspections
  • Insurance Loss inspection
  • Interior inspections
  • FEMA Inspections
  • Contact Attempt
  • Broker Check inspections

Property Preservation

NYC Office Cleaning

Keeping vacant properties secure, safe, and well-maintained.

  • Scuring
  • Winterization
  • Debris removal

Real Estate Maintenance

NYC Office Cleaning

Maintaining the real estate assets of our clients to protect value and improve marketability.

  • Initial service
  • Debris removal & maid services
  • Securing
  • Initial Lawn Maintenance
  • Winterization
  • Ongoing services

Yard Maintenance

NYC Office Cleaning

Improving curb appeal, safety, and compliance with yard maintenance and snow removal.

  • Grass cuts
  • Shrub Maintenance
  • Snow removal

FHA Conveyance

NYC Office Cleaning

Property Managing the FHA post-safe process to avoid reconveyances.

Estimates & Repairs

NYC Office Cleaning

Stepping in when the worst-case scenario of damage to a property becomes a reality.

  • Damage Assessment
  • Biohazard Environmental Remediation

NYC Customized Commercial Cleaning

Tailored For Every Budget


Whether your company is a large Fortune 500 or a small start up, we can create a cleaning service program to suit your specific needs and budget. Whatever frequency of cleaning you require — daily, weekly, monthly or even one-time-only — Dayne Property Management custom tailors each and every cleaning program to ensure the most economical service.

Learn more about our programs.

We put our reputation on the line every day, which means that we are not satisfied with our cleaning services unless you are. Our employees are trained in the most modern and effective professional office cleaning techniques as well as product usage and safety procedures. On-site inspections by our team of supervisors ensure that all cleaning service plans are performed to the highest level of service.